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2005 Conservationist

2005 Master Conservationist Award presented to Reality Farms. Making the presentation at the annual cooperators dinner:

l to r: Allan Bryant, Chairman of the Henry County Conservation District to Matt, Judy and Roy Jackson of Reality Farms

Larry Jeffries Memorial Scholarship

Last October Henry County agriculture lost a very important voice in the state and nation. He served on several national, state and local boards, always focusing on the preservation of our natural resources.  He was an educator as well as a prominent advocate of country life. He was a member of the Henry County Conservation District Board of Supervisors, as a matter of fact he attended the October monthly meeting. To honor his memory the District has established a Larry Jeffries Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1000 to be awarded to a high school graduate in the county who plans to pursue a career in agriculture or related field. The 2009 scholarship was presented to Bradley Taylor, graduate from Henry County High on Awards Night at the school.  Congratulations Bradley!

(through 2007)

Woodrow Sloan
Jim Crabbe
Wirt Turner, Jr
Gilbert Jones
Robert Cleveland
E.C. Coleman
Brent Boyer
Price Meek
Heilman Brothers
Gene Mattick
L.S. Self
Leonard Singleton
A.T. Ebersbaker
Ed Drane
J.B. Cobb
Herbert McCoun
Kenneth Sharp
Creed Coombs
Owen Atchinson
Glenmore Powell
Dale & Randall Roberts
Kathryn Dunaway
Hal Hamilton
Larry Jeffries
Dennis Coombs
Roger Taylor
Charles Smith
Robert Foree
Lloyd Gray
Larry Bryant
Ralph Singleton
Coates Farm
Mike Crowe
Minice McAlister
Rowlett Farms
Reality Farms
Herrell Farms
Capstone Farms


The Henry County Conservation District is a state and county agency that works closely with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.  The district is education oriented, offering conservation materials to schools, churches, etc. The Conservation District also sponsors the Marshall Banta Education Grant each year in the amount of $1000 to help local schools implement a conservation curriculum.


Henry County Conservation District
Contact: Mikki Croxton

The Henry County Conservation District was formed April 29, 1947.  The District is one of 3,000 conservation districts in the nation.  It is made up of seven board members who are elected from the county.  The District is a subdivision of the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources, responsible for developing soil and water conservation programs and promoting wise use of our natural resources in Henry County.  The district meets monthly to develop programs and discuss activities and events that effect soil and water conservation.  Financial assistance is provided by the Henry County Fiscal Court and the Kentucky Division of Conservation.  It is a member of the Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts.

The Conservation District's primary funding project is the Dead Animal Removal Program.  The Henry County Fiscal Court contributes to this program but the bulk of the cost is through the Districts funding.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service is a Federal Agency to help farmers and landowners implement conservation practices on their land.  The NRCS can help identify soil types found on your property which can help you determine the best choice of plants or crops for your soil zone.  This can also help when considering building sites and construction.

Currently, watershed protection is a top concern and the NRCS can help with planning pond sites, water systems management, the new water plan book and resources to other departments of the USDA.

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Greta Steverson

Technical assistance is provided to the Henry County Conservation District through a Memorandum of Understanding with the USDA-NRCS.  All programs and services are offered on a non-discriminatory basis without regard to race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, marital status or handicap.


Henry County Farm Facts
(as of 1998)

1,108 Farms
155,947 Farm Acres
Average Size of Farms - 141 acres

173   1-9 Acres Farms
180   10 - 49 Acre Farms
470   50 -179 Acre Farms
224   180 - 499 Acres Farms
61   500 + Acre Farms


Livestock watering systems are one example of the many conservation practices available through the NRCS and conservation district offices.

District Board Member

Allan Bryant, Chairman
Mark Roberts, Vice-Chairman
David Stahl, Secretary
Ronald Young, Treasurer
Phillip Douglas, Member
Larry Bryant, Member
Brad Hargrove, Member


Henry County Conservation District Sponsors Stewardship Week

Henry County Conservation District Sponsors Stewardship Week

Stewardship of all our natural resources is becoming more significant each day. The theme designated this year is ‘Dig It! The Secrets of Soil’. To make the residents of Henry County more aware of this vital aspect of conservation, the District provides materials to use in church services and distributes related activity materials to K-third grade students in the school systems.

Several of Henry County churches took part in Stewardship Week by using bulletin inserts, etc. in their services on April 26 or May 3. These include churches in New Castle, Campbellsburg, Eminence, Port Royal, Point Pleasant, Drennon and Franklinton. The district appreciates the support of the pastors from these churches for a most important program.

One very unique and ongoing mission for Franklinton Baptist Church is a tree planting on Stewardship Sunday. This project was begun in 2007 and the trees previously planted are growing and very healthy. On Sunday May 3, a group of young people gathered on the lawn of the church parsonage to plant a pink dogwood for 2009. Pastor Jackie Newton and others prepared the site so these children were ready and excited to finish the project.

To plant a tree encompasses all aspects of Stewardship practices. The Soil must be properly prepared, Water is vital to it’s survival, it will provide shelter for birds (Wildlife), and lastly the Tree itself completes the stewardship natural resources components.

The church and the District feel any hands-on experience of this nature for young people can impress on them the value of the preservation of all natural resources.

Little Kentucky River Watershed
Conservancy District Board
(Overseers of Lake Jericho)

In the late 1950's, recurring flooding damaged thousands of acres of cropland in Henry and Trimble Counties.  The town of Sulphur was underwater and many homes were lost.  The Henry and Trimble County Conservation Districts worked with the Fiscal Courts in each county and the Soil Conservation Service to develop a project that would protect residents in this watershed from future damage.  A board of directors was formed from landowners within the watershed to oversee the activities.

Little Kentucky River
Watershed Conservancy District Board of Directors

Chairman, Thomas Webb
Vice-Chairman, John Ellegood
Secretary/Treasurer, Roger Taylor, Jr.
Members: Paul Baxter
Kenneth Taylor
John C. Foree Jr.
Robert Draque
Jerry Whitaker

Lake Jericho Manager, Larry Ramsey

Under SCS's PL-566 program, five flood retarding structures were installed throughout the watershed for a cost of $1.7 million.  One of those structures, Lake Jericho, was also designed as a recreation area.  The largest of the five lakes, Lake Jericho covers 136 surface acres and is open year round for fishing, camping, picnicking, etc.  Around 40,000 people visit Lake Jericho annually, which produces close to $100,000 revenue each year.  The recreation area has a full-time manager who is supervised by the watershed board.  In addition to the income from Lake Jericho receipts, the Conservancy District receives revenue from a mileage tax imposed on land within the watershed that helps operate and maintain all five structures.

The Little Kentucky River Watershed Conservancy District is comprised of 8 members, 5 from Henry County and 3 from Trimble County.  The board is a sub-district of the local county conservation districts.  The Little Kentucky River Watershed Board of Directors meets monthly to review activities occurring within the watershed.  All meetings are open to the public.



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